Livestreaming of the Ashes on web, mobile and iPad

screenshot from Willow TVSince the start of the Ashes I have been getting a good of deal of traffic from people looking for information on livestreams.

I have written several posts about where and how to watch live cricket online and to make it easier to find the most useful posts, here is a summary of those posts and an update on cricket livestreaming on the iPad.

Livestreams on pc

First up; choose whether you want to pay or not. Personally, I don’t care for those crappy peer-to-peer streams and generally pick one of the payed services from Willow TV, ESPN and Eurosport.

More on why I prefer paying for livestreams and where to get it.

For this Ashes series I didn’t really had much to choose. Only Willow TV and Sky (Player) offer cricket livestreaming and as I live in Holland, I have no access to Sky Player, like those in the UK probably can’t subscribe to Willow TV.

So Willow TV it is and no complaints here. I love their service, which is getting better and better.

The three major plus points of Willow TV:

  1. Willow TV’s on demand service is better than anything I have ever seen elsewhere.
  2. They almost always offer multiple sources  - including Sky Sports, which is nice if you’re looking for a more English view on proceedings during the Ashes.
  3. And the quality of streams is improving, as they are now beta-testing a 1MB stream, which makes for really nice fullscreen viewing.

Livestreams on mobile devices

Two types of livestreams to look at here: audio and video. A bit of a disclaimer first; I own an iPhone and iPad, so Apple is the only brand I can tell you anything about :)

When it comes to radio apps, my favorite is ooTunes. During my one-hour drive from and to work this has been my lifesaver. During the English summer it kept me in touch with England’s games and the final games of the county season.

And now, during the Ashes, I listen to ABC’s cricket commentary (including stints from Jonathan Agnew) while driving the 100 kilometers to work.

Read more on ooTunes.

For video livestreaming on your mobile we turn to or friends at Willow TV again.

If you have an account and bought one of their packages, you can log in at from your mobile device (you’ll be redirected if your not using a mobile) and watch live cricket on the go.

I don’t regularly use it. I avoid using it when driving (audio only is less of a distraction, safety first!) and otherwise usually have my laptop at the ready.

Livestreams on iPad

Alas, there is still no website offering cricket livestreaming optimized for the iPad.

Willow TV does redirect you to their mobile site, so you could watch cricket on your iPad, but as the iPad is not a mobile phone in any sense, that just isn’t good enough for me.

I want high quality streaming on my iPad. Because when done right, it looks amazing.

If you want, you could also give ooTunes on your iPad a go, but like with Willow TV’s redirecting, it is not what I am looking for on this device.

Anything else?

Well, there probably is, but not that I have written about.

So if you know some other service, app or site I missed, why not let me know in the comments? I’d love to hear from you.

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